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The Characteristics of Glass Fused To Steel Water Storage Tanks

Glass fused to steel water storage tanks is widely used in anaerobic tanks, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, power plants and other engineering fields; it can also be used in grain silos, oil storage tanks, feed storage tanks, and wine raw material tanks.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank has an attractive appearance

The body of glass fused bolted steel tanks is mainly composed of assembled steel plates, self-locking bolts, and sealing glue. The main component is the assembled steel plate. The assembled steel plate is a special steel plate that undergoes double-sided anti-corrosion treatment. The surface is smooth and glossy, with the standard color being combalt blue, bright and beautiful, especially suitable for modern factory requirements. It can also be painted in any other color according to the user's requirements.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank has stable quality and strong corrosion resistance

The steel plate of glass fused to steel water tanks is completely processed and produced in the factory, with a high level of standardization. It must undergo a series of inspections before leaving the factory to ensure stable quality. The steel plate is heated and fused to form a strong bond between the anti-corrosion layer and the steel plate. The protective layer formed by the coating can not only prevent corrosion of the tank body, but also has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank has a short installation period

The assembled steel plates of glass coated steel tanks are processed and produced in the factory, using standardized production methods. After packaging, they are transported to the construction site for assembly. The steel plates are connected using bolt connections, and we have developed special installation tools to make the installation process very simple. The installation process is less affected by weather conditions, and the installation period is easy to control.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank has simple installation and maintenance

GLS tank installation is carried out with special installation tools. Workers install the top plate on the ground, and then lift it up to the height of one plate using special tools. Then they install the second ring of plates, repeating this process until the tank is fully installed. Throughout the process of installing porcelain enamel glass lined tank, workers only need to stay on the ground for operation, making it simple and safe. The excellent corrosion resistance of the steel plate ensures that the maintenance of the enamel tanks is very simple.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank is expandable and movable

The body of the glass fused water tanks is assembled from standard steel plates using bolts. After being put into operation, the tank body can be easily dismantled or reinstalled, allowing for easy expansion and relocation of the tank.

Glass fused to steel water storage tank has a lower cost

The high strength and superior corrosion resistance of the steel plate can save a lot of materials, and the simple and fast installation can save a lot of labor. These factors determine that the assembled tank has a significant advantage in terms of price.

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