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YHR-Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturer

YHR-Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturer

  • YHR has been committed to creating bolted tanks for more than 20 years. It provides bolted tanks and services for municipal, agricultural, industrial, storage and other fields, and strives to create high-quality storage tanks with high efficiency, anti-corrosion and durable, energy saving and environmental protection, which are favored by the majority of customers.

  • YHR is the global industry leading designer, manufacturer and builder of Bolted Steel Tanks and Silos. YHR tanks have excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments, which has been proven in various projects. We also offer different roofs (covers) for you choice... Tank Cone Roof , Geodesic Dome Tank Roof and Trough Deck Roof, etc. YHR strives to create value for customers. 

YHR Bolted Steel Tanks Products List

Glass Fused To Steel Tanks

Glass Fused To Steel Tanks

YHR has developed high-strength TRS(titanium-rich steel) plates specifically produced for Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks Technology. The Glass fused to Steel at 1500-1650 °F(800-900 °C) to become a new material with the perfect anti-corrosion properties: GLASS-FUSED-TO-STEEL.
Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks

Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks

Epoxy coating through Bonded Epoxy and curing agent 200 degrees of melting and curing, forming a network of three-dimensional organic polymer (mainly anti-corrosion), filling filler to provide hardness. It has good covering, flexibility and impact resistance.
Bolted Stainless Steel Tanks

Bolted Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel plate with high anticorrosive material is adopted, and bolt assembly technology is used to complete the tank body technology, and the installation method is the same as that of GFS tank.
Storage Tank Roofs and Covers

Storage Tank Roofs and Covers

Tank roofs and covers are used to protect the contents of a tank from the elements, as well as to prevent contamination and evaporation. We mainly supply Tank Cone Roof, Geodesic Dome Tank Roof and Trough Deck Roof, etc.

Bolted Gas Holder

Biogas Holder

Biogas Holder

Biogas Holder is composed of three layers of bottom membrane, inner membrane and outer membrane, and the material is designed by using special inflatable membrane software according to different shapes and specifications, and then processed by large thermal sealing machine in the dustproof workshop. They can be used for a variety of applications, including energy production and waste management.

Bolted Tank Design
Excellent Bolted Tank Solution

High Cost Effective Industrial Bolted Tank.

Fast Delivery of YHR Bolted Storage Tanks.

Diversified Products, Customized Design.

Professional Water Storage Solutions.

Technical Team Provide Strong Support.

Perfect Pre-sale and After-sale Service.


When glass fused-to-steel coatings are specified, the coatings shall be applied according to the tank manufacturer's specific procedure. 

1. The steel shall be cleaned of all oils and lubricants. Mill scale and rust must be removed from the steel surface by gritblasting in accordance with SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2 or by pickling in compliance with SSPC-SP 8.

Step One
Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturing Process

The steel is to be primed with applications of catalytic nickel oxide when tanks are fabricated from hot-rolled steel. Glass coatings shall be applied by wet spraying, flow coating, dipping, or electrophoretic deposition. 

Step Two
Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturing Process

The glass coating must be cured or fused to the steel by firing. The temperature preferably in the range of 1,500-1,600°F(816-870°C).

Step Three
Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturing Process

Interior and exterior coated surfaces shall be inspected for any visible defect or holiday. Interior coating inspection shall include a holiday detection test. Any coating defect shall be repaired and shall pass inspection before shipment.

Step Four
Bolted Steel Tanks Manufacturing Process

YHR Tanks is a leading bolted steel tanks manufacturer in China

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