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Tank Roofs and Covers

Tank Roofs and Covers

  • Tank roofs and covers are critical components of storage tanks designed to protect the stored media from the elements while ensuring safe operation. Roofs and covers play a vital role in preventing evaporation and reducing product contamination.

  • YHR offers a range of customizable options for our tank roofs and covers to meet specific customer requirements, including access points, vapor and gas-tight seals, and additional safety features. Our roofing systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including chemical processing, water and wastewater treatment, and oil and gas production.

Types of Tank Roofs and Covers

Tank Cone Roof

Tank Cone Roofs are sloped, conical roofs that provide structural stability to tanks while also preventing water from collecting on top of the roof. This type of roof is often made of steel and is commonly used for tanks storing liquids like petroleum, chemicals, and water.
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Geodesic Dome Tank Roof

Geodesic Dome Tank Roofs, also known as aluminum geodesic domes or aluminum geodomes, are spherical, self-supporting structures made of aluminum struts that intersect to form triangles. They offer excellent protection against harsh environmental elements such as wind, snow, and rain, making them ideal for tanks containing hazardous chemicals or other sensitive materials.
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Trough Deck Roof

Trough Deck Roofs are flat, horizontal roofs with a slight slope that allows for water runoff. These roofs are typically made of aluminum and feature a series of troughs and ridges that create extra strength and rigidity. Like Cone Roofs, they are commonly used for tanks storing liquids but are preferred for tanks that require frequent cleaning or inspection.
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Uses of Tank Roofs and Covers

Uses of Tank Roofs and Covers

Tank roofs and covers are used to cover the media to be stored, while also ensuring safe operation and minimizing environmental impact. The purpose is as follows:


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