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Anaerobic Waste Digester Tanks

Anaerobic Waste Digester Tanks

Bolted tanks are the preferred storage solution for biogas and digested in anaerobic digestion processes due to their airtight and corrosion-resistant design, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

YHR Tanks is one of the most professional bolted steel tank manufacturers in China, specializing in the comprehensive process of anaerobic digester tank design, production, and installation. If you're seeking a dependable supplier for your anaerobic digestion tank needs, contact us now!

YHR: Your Professional Anaerobic Digester Tanks Solution Provider

YHR: Your Professional Anaerobic Digester Tanks Solution Provider YHR: Your Professional Anaerobic Digester Tanks Solution Provider
  • Excellent anti-corrosion performance

    Bolted tanks with glass coating or epoxy coating offer superior anti-corrosion for municipal water storage.

  • Fast installation period

    Bolted tanks offer faster installation than welded steel tanks and concrete tanks, reducing downtime and labor costs.

  • Superior quality control

    All bolted tanks are modular manufactured in YHR's ISO9001 certified factories to ensure superior quality.

  • Low maintenance cost

    Bolted tanks have low maintenance costs, reducing overall project costs while ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Design Flexibility for Anaerobic Digester

Bolted steel tanks can be designed to meet specific needs and requirements for biogas production and storage. The bolted steel anaerobic tanks can be customized for size, shape, and configuration for a wide range of organic waste materials, from food waste to agricultural waste, as well as waste streams generated from industrial processes, municipalities, and wastewater treatment facilities.

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Durability and Corrosion Resistance

Bolted steel tanks are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long service life even with the harsh environments of the Anaerobic Digester processes. Our anaerobic digester tanks are made of high-quality steel, combined with specialized coatings that protect them from the corrosive properties of organic matter. This ensures safe storage of biogas and protects the tanks from premature wear or tear due to chemical or environmental exposure.

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YHR Anaerobic Biodigester Cases

YHR: Provide a Variety of Bolt Tank Solutions for Anaerobic Applications
Anaerobic Digester Septic Tank
Anaerobic Digester Septic Tank
Anaerobic Digester Tank
Anaerobic Digester Tank
Anaerobic Digestion Tank
Anaerobic Digestion Tank
Anaerobic Sludge Digester
Anaerobic Sludge Digester
Anaerobic Tank
Anaerobic Tank

FAQs of Anaerobic Digester Tanks

What are the benefits of using bolted steel tanks in Anaerobic Digestion?

Bolted steel tanks provide a cost-effective solution for anaerobic digestion as they are easy to install, can be customized to meet specific needs, and have low maintenance requirements. Our anaerobic digester tanks are also durable and able to withstand harsh environments.

What are the typical sizes of bolted steel tanks used for Anaerobic Digestion?

The size of the bolted steel anaerobic digestion tanks depends on the volume of organic matter being processed. They can range in size from 50m3 to over 30000m3.

What is the lifespan of a bolted steel tank used for Anaerobic Digestion?

With proper maintenance and care, bolted steel tanks can last for several decades. Their modular design also makes them easy to repair or expand to meet changing needs.


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