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Glass Fused to Steel Tanks Installation: A Swift and Efficient Process

Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks stand out for their efficient installation process, characterized by the assembly of individual sections, including steel plates, valves, doors or manhole covers, and roofs. These components are manufactured and finished offsite, significantly reducing both time and labor required in the field. The following steps illustrate how Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks are assembled:


The Preparatory Stage of Fabrication

Site Preparation: The installation site undergoes cleaning and treatment to create a level surface. A solid base of sand or crushed stone is applied, followed by the construction of a concrete ring wall or a full concrete slab. Customers or our tank installers can undertake the foundation construction. To streamline the installation process, it is advisable to complete the foundation before the delivery of all tank components.

Construction Phase

  • Erection of Individual Panels: Once the foundation is ready, the assembly process begins. Individual panels are erected one layer at a time, starting from the bottom of the structure. It is crucial to ensure the steel plates are clean and dry during the gluing process. Bolts and nuts should be replaced when stripping occurs.

  • Bottom Layer Assembly: After the bottom layer is assembled, stirrups are employed to secure it to the foundation. This ensures stability and strength.


  • Connection of Layers: The second layer is then assembled, and a jacking machine is used to connect it to the bottom layer. At each connection of two layers, wind girders are installed to enhance the overall stability of the tank.

  • Fittings Addition: As necessary, fittings such as valves, doors, or manhole covers are added during the assembly process.

  • Roof Installation: The final step involves the installation of the tank's roof, completing the assembly process.


Advantages Of Conventional Solutions

Unlike traditional concrete or welded storage solutions that necessitate extensive on-site fabrication and finishing processes, Glass Fused to Steel tanks offer several advantages:


  • Quick Installation: The offsite finishing of components allows for a swift and efficient on-site assembly process, reducing installation time.

  • Lower Shipping Costs: Transporting pre-finished components lowers shipping costs compared to transporting fully assembled tanks.

  • Weather Tolerance: Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks can be assembled in almost any weather condition, minimizing delays related to adverse weather.


In summary, the installation of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks combines careful site preparation with a streamlined assembly process, providing a reliable and efficient solution for liquid storage needs. The offsite fabrication of components ensures quality and reduces the complexities associated with on-site construction, making these tanks a practical choice for various industries and applications.

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