Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks

Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks or GLS Tanks by YHR, is a leading solution which combines the advantages of both materials – the strength and flexibility of the Steel and high corrosion resistance of the Glass. The Glass fused to the Steel at 1500 – 1650 deg. F (800 - 900 deg. C), become a new material: GLASS-FUSED-TO-STEEL with perfect anti-corrosion performance.
YHR has developed high-strength TRS (Titanium Rich Steel) plates specially produced for Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks Technology, which work perfectly with our glass frit and can eliminate the “Fish Scale” defect.

Factory Video

Installation Video

Comparison between GFS/GLS Tanks and Concrete Tanks

1. Easy Construction: All the tank shells of Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks are factory coated, can be easily assembled and installed in difficult conditions, to meet the urgency requirement of project, unlike Concrete Tanks will be affected seriously by bad weather and other factors.

2. Corrosion Resistance: Concrete tank would corroded through to reinforcing bar within 5 years of installation, Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks with 2 layer of Glass coating, can be applied for PH from 3 to 11, YHR also provide 2 Years Warranty of its Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks.

3. Leakage and Maintenance: Concrete is susceptible to cracking so that many Concrete Tanks show signs of visible leaks and require substantial remedial maintenance, Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks are an excellent alternative with less maintenance due to the steel strong tension strength.