Biogas Holder

The double membrane biogas holder is suitable for storage of various gases, such as biogas, landfill gas, natural gas, etc. It is mainly composed of base membrane (with floor membrane), inner membrane, outer membrane, sealing system, membrane air blower, level meter, intelligent control cabinet and other accessories. The outer membrane forms the shape of an outer sphere for protection, while the inner membrane forms a cavity with the base membrane to store biogas. The membrane blowing fan automatically adjusts the amount of gas in and out to maintain a stable air pressure in the gas cabinet and protect the outer membrane under severe weather conditions.



1.High-strength low-yarn polyester yarn and high-quality PVC coating 2.UV light curing treatment 3.Excellent antibacterial and anti-mildew performance 4.Unique modified PVDF coating


  • Low cost and low investment

  • Short stocking cycle and fast installation

  • Ball missing structure, beautiful appearance

  • Strong anti-corrosion ability, resistant to 8000ppmH2S

  • Low pressure gas storage, high safety

  • Maintenance-free and long life