YHR attended the 2021 Chinese Biogas Association Annual Conference

On October 20, 2021, YHR was invited to attend the 2021 Chinese Biogas Association Annual Conference and Sino-German Biogas Cooperation Forum. The theme of the conference focused on "Rural Revitalization Strategy" and "High Quality Green Development". Nearly 500 industry colleagues in the biogas field gathered to discuss the new development of the biogas industry in the new era.

YHR as a supplier of environmental protection equipment, demonstrated the anaerobic equipment to the audience through videos and engineering project cases. YHR as the first and the largest GFS Tank manufacturer in Asia and drafted the Chinese Standard QB/T 5379-2019 for GFS Tanks, products including GFS Tank and epoxy tank are widely used as biogas digesters in many fields. And YHR has delivered and built tanks in more than 70 countries and regions, cooperated with many famous companies.