YHR Finished first batch of Malaysian Water Authority's water supply projects

The first batch of Pahang water supply projects have now been successfully delivered.

Since 2019, YHR has maintained close cooperation with local contrator and Malaysian Water Authority. In recent years, due to the continuous impact of the epidemic, multinational projects have encountered great difficulties. YHR team facing up to difficulties, joining hands with the local contractors to overcome the hard times. Through Internet, YHR used efficient "online conference", "online visit", "online inspection", and "online guidanceto provide customers with high-quality services and overall solutions to ensure the successful delivery of international projects.

Next year, more GFS drinking water tanks will be delivered in Sarawak, Sabah, and Selangor, and YHR will continue to expand the Malaysian market.

YHR Environment is actively expand overseas markets. The second phase construction of YHR Factory will be completed and put into use to fully guarantee the increasing supply of products in the international market. At the same time, YHR is also actively seeking and training local teams in major countries, and cooperating with experienced local teams to jointly create overall solutions for customers.