The fire fighting water tank for Dominica Packing Plant was successfully completed

In August 2021, a cobalt blue enamel fire-fighting water tank was finished by YHR in Dominica. Prior to this, YHR had successfully delivered five Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks to Dominica.

Dominica as an island country, the special environment has strict requirements on the corrosion resistance of tanks. With excellent corrosion resistance and fast installation, GFS tanks have become the first choice of local market.

This Glass-Fused-to-Steel water tank is provided for a well-known local packaging company. Through many times communication between YHR team and customers, YHR understood customer needs in a timely manner, continuously optimized solutions, and make sure that fire fighting equipment in customer’s plant could operate stable and safely.

With impact of the epidemic on global trade, restricted transportation, high freights and stricter customs inspection have brought large impact on product transportation. Under this situation, YHR maintained close communication with customers, and through remote guidance installation, solved the problem of long construction period.