Welcome to informatization | YHR holds an informatization implementation kick-off meeting

Since the YHR and the JC Biological into JCHR Group have merged and reorganized into JCHR in December 2019, the internal integration of the group has reached a new level. On December 7, 2020, in order to further strengthen the company's internal control, standardize company management, promote the deployment of information systems, and promote a good situation of win-win cooperation, YHR held an informatization implementation kick-off meeting.

Mr. Li, Vice Chairman of JCHR Group, Mr. Zhou, Vice President and General Manager of YHR, Mr. Ning, Chief Financial Officer, and Mr. Xie, Information and Automation Office of JCHR, Mr. Zhou Huan, Deputy General Manager of YHR and Manager of YHR Equipment Company, Ms. Hu, Operation Director, and other Group Representatives attended the meeting; meanwhile, all YHR Headquarters employees, all employees of YHR Tangshan subsidiary, and employees on the project site all participated in the meeting remotely through online live broadcast.

It was announced at the meeting that after the hard work of the members of the information system deployment project team, it is expected that from this month, YHR will begin to operate a brand-new office system, human resource system, financial system, supply chain system and expense reimbursement system to achieve JCHR Group's information platform construction, group-based financial management and accounting, and the unification of various departments' financial, business, HR, office and other systems,and build an efficient coordination management platform of JCHR.

At the meeting, Mr. Li explained the importance and urgency for the implementation of informatization, encouraged all employees to continue to learn and make good use of informatization tools to serve customers; Mr. Zhou emphasized that it is necessary to ensure that the overall plan for informatization is implemented, all departments should unify their thoughts and actions to the decision-making and deployment of the group company, and condense them to the goals and tasks determined by the informatization plan, to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively and orderly; finally, the directors of the various departments of YHR expressed their opinions, they will fully respond to the organization's call and cooperate with the implementation of informatization.

The new informatization and unified office system will not only help improve the office efficiency of enterprises, but also facilitate the statistics and analysis of management data, ensure the accuracy, comparability and usefulness of data, and provide decision support for production and operation; It is conducive to strengthening inventory management and financial normative management; it is conducive to the internal integration of JCHR Group, and enhances the sense of belonging  and recognition of employees to the group.

In the future, all employees of YHR will be proficient in using the new office system in a short period of time and comprehensively integrate the information of JCHR Group's products, production, inventory, finance, personnel, equipment, etc. to enhance the efficiency of all links, help enterprise develop in the direction of digitalization, and promote the  enterprise management to become more scientific, efficient and intelligent.