About YHR

Industry leading designer, manufacturer and builder of Bolted Steel Tanks and Silos

YHR Profile

Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (as known as YHR), a Chinese National High-Tech Enterprise, is the global industry leading designer, manufacturer and builder of Bolted Steel Tanks and Silos. YHR has two modern and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Caofeidian city and Jinzhou city, Hebei Province, China.

In December 2019, YHR Environment and Guangdong Juncheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. merged and reorganized into Junchengherui Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd (referred to as "JCHR"). JCHR is a holding subsidiary of Guangdong Juncheng Investment Holding Co., Ltd., a Wens Group company.

Corporate Culture

Enterprise Mission

Help customers succeed and realize individual value.

Enterprise Vision

Become an international first-class supplier of complete-set environmental protection equipment and turnkey solution to dispose agricultural wastes.

Core Values

Professional, enabling, symbiosis.

Enterprise Development Strategy

We focus on agricultural organic waste treatment. Driven by technological innovation, we take the supply of complete-set environmental protection equipment as our core business. We keep discovering, satisfying and guiding customers’ needs, and providing comprehensive solutions accordingly.

Development History

March forward regardless of hardship, and stay true to the mission


YHR (Yingherui) was established in Beijing


YHR obtained National High-tech Enterprise Certificate


YHR drafted the Chinese Standard of Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks


YHR Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks was certified by ANSI/NSF 61 Standard


YHR launched new product Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks

Wholly-owned Subsidiaries

Beijing Headquarters, Tangshan Yingherui Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. and the Investment Company are ready to serve you at any time

  • Tangshan Yingherui Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

    In order to foster China's environmental protection causes and provide high-quality equipment with international competitiveness, Yingherui invested and built a brand-new base of intelligently manufacturing high-end equipment in Tangshan, Hebei Province, and established Tangshan Yingherui Environmental Protection .…

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International Market

Global business layout,Yingherui's has operated its business in more than ten countries and regions such as Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Greece

Our Clients

Keep close cooperation with customers and strive to be the same as each other