Biogas Desulfurization

The biogas produced by anaerobic, the main component is methane, which is a good energy. Before biogas used, it is necessary to remove hydrogen sulfide from the biogas to avoid corrosion of subsequent equipment. We can tailor the desulfurization process suitable for you according to the user's biogas gas volume, composition and use.

Desulfurization technologies we provide:

  • Dry chemical desulfurization

  • Complex iron desulfurization

  • Acid biological desulfurization

  • Alkaline biological desulfurization



1. Organic solid waste biogas
Such as the biogas produced by anaerobic (CSTR) in the treatment of livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, kitchen waste, municipal sludge, etc.
2. Organic wastewater biogas
Such as the biogas produced by anaerobic (UASB, IC, etc.) in the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, paper-making wastewater, wine-making wastewater, coal chemical wastewater, landfill leachate and others.
3. Other biogas
Such as landfill gas, oil field associated gas, etc.