Biogas Solution


As the TOP-3 Biogas EPC Contractor and Solution Provider in China, YHR have designed and built more than 200 biogas projects. YHR team has the experience and ability to provide the most appropriate solution for customers, our service includes project consultation, engineering design , equipment manufacturing, procurement, installation, debugging and other EPC services. 

SAHP – Semi-Aerobic Hydrolysis Process

As an advanced microbial treatment technology, SAHP has success fully cracked the password for anaerobic fermentation of lignocellulosic materials and broken the technical bottleneck of producing biogas with straw to reduce the pollution caused by straw burning and provide reliable technical support for resource utilization.

ABDP – Anaerobic Biological Doubling Process

As a kind of advanced anaerobic process for low-concentration materials such as livestock and poultry waste, ABDP has successfully solved the industry problems of low efficiency of biogas engineering and difficult heat balance of China, especially north China.


Sanhe Tianlong Biogas Plant

Guangshui Biogas Plant